Our Services
AAR draws on the artistic process
as the most effective for planning, problem solving,
decision-making and relationship building
It all begins with
facilitating planning, leadership transition,
program development & organizational restructuring
Resource development
supporting approaches to growing audiences,
relational fundraising & development,

and creating effective boards

Knowledge building
writing & distributing publications,
training, research initiatives, and
facilitating community conversations


developing and implementing arts-based
assessment tools & processes
We never engineer.
For nearly three decades AAR has evolved
a design for bringing the artistic process
at the center of the work to the center
of the organization.

AAR works with the artist’s designs and processes, we never engineer.

A ‘one-size-fits-all model’ for artists who are singular and distinct in vision, values and working processes defies logic.

AAR believes arts organizations must be as creative, reflective, responsive and entrepreneurial as the art produced, exhibited and presented.

We always begin our work exploring with our clients what is working within their organizations.  That is, what effective elements are already in place – e.g. the vision and values, existing or evolving artistic and operating processes, working relationships, skills and knowledge, ways of collaborating and solving problems.


We begin with what each arts professional knows and trusts and extend that to every aspect of the organization.  To do this we provide a design in the form of a process based on each organization’s own artistic process within which the professional leadership can achieve better understanding, articulation and communication.


We change and reshape the process to help each group achieve real clarity, understanding and agreement.  We never change, reshape or ‘engineer’ an organization to conform to what we know or what we want them to be.