All articles are original and authored by the AAR team.


This AAR’s series describes the elegant process we know as the artistic process. It describes the practical application of the artistic process to everything an arts organization does. These capsules that follow offer snapshots of the full series available upon request from AAR. As we continue to expand our own understanding and experiences in the field we are updating this series and providing additional insights through our Special Reports and AAR News.

EMERGING dot dot dot

A.R.T./New York invited AAR to share some ideas, inspiring stories, analyses and resources from the Harold & Mimi Steinberg Theatre Leadership Program (TLP).  We were excited to be able to impart the emerging lessons, inspirations, successes and challenges that we encounter every day in our work with A.R.T./New York members. The monthly column, Emerging dot dot dot,  focused on something new (Emerging Ideas, Emerging Challenges, Emerging Leaders).


This series, inspired by our work with Theatres Leading Change New York (TLC New York) offers our insights and evolving understanding about how arts professionals are quietly but decidedly leading change.  It confirms for us once again that it is the arts professionals and the field itself that will find the way forward, working from the inside out and assuming responsibility as artists have done for millennia.


While working with Theatres Leading Change Toronto (TLC Toronto) consortium, we were inspired by the creativity and resilience of these arts professionals and their organizations and are proud to share the insights we have gained from their ideas, approaches and thinking; to think expansively and set aside the status quo. This series shares ideas that are often connected throughout the sector, deeply within neighborhoods and communities or broadly across sectors.


The answers to yesterday’s questions can sometimes become the unknowns of today. None of us can be satisfied simply in questions-well-answered in the past – questions and how we think about and answer them in the moment form a necessarily dynamic and developing conversation. Our intention is not to provide definitive answers but to share, understand and consider the questions that are part of our dialog with the arts professionals with whom we work.