As learning is to a person, assessment is to an organization.

AAR believes assessment is how an arts organization learns and changes behaviors. We provide arts professionals with specific, practical tools for knowledge-based assessment that include the means to both quantify and qualify process, products and outcomes.

AAR believes assessment is a critical asset to each arts organization’s working and planning processes. Assessment relies on the knowledge base, the subjective judgment and especially the learning commitment of the arts professionals.


The artistic process is a complex multiplicity of processes. It is a consilience, literally a jumping together of beliefs, aesthetic sensibility, personal interactions and cooperation, access to and expenditure of a variety of resources—specific to each arts entity; all supporting the making and connecting of art. But to make this otherwise invisible process visible and to bring it to bear in all aspects of the arts organization and the field, arts professionals must more fully conceptualize, articulate and communicate the elements of their unique artistic process.

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Client list
  • Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA*
  • Epic Theatre Ensemble, NYC*
  • BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn, NY*