is not just a fact of life.
It's a sign of life.
We believe planning is a deliberate act of positive change.
~ Nello McDaniel, Director AAR

ARTS Action Research consults with performing, visual, presenting and service arts organizations nationally and internationally. Our seminal work of nearly three decades draws on the artistic process for planning, resource development, knowledge building and assessment.

We engage the artistic process in every project and with each artist with whom we work. Artists need not be taught how to create, invent, or innovate, but rather enabled and activated to lead from the center, in ways they know and understand best. AAR believes that an art centric culture with an arts conscience can only be artist led.



Resource Development

Knowledge Building

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ARTS Action Research’s work employs a unifying principle – the artistic process. We know if an arts organization is successful, it is because of what occurs on stage or in the gallery when the doors open. That which occurs on stage results from a series and sequence of actions, interactions, decisions, inventions, solutions and…


AAR’s values and work are rooted in our belief that healthy and balanced arts organizations are those in which the arts professionals, using their own singular artistic processes, are the defining heart and soul of the arts organization, its work and all its relationships.   The artistic process is more than a metaphor. It is…


No entity—whether arts organization, business or government—can be creative, productive or proactive if in debt, in crisis or if human resources are overextended and burned out. An unhealthy, unbalanced organization cannot remain in that condition. But what does it mean for an organization to be healthy and balanced?     Consider a tightrope artist.…