"Action Research" — Rather than studying what has been, action research explores ways to ignite change and evolution.

ARTS Action Research is an arts consulting group widely recognized for its groundbreaking work in redefining the role, relationships, and operation of arts organizations in today's challenging arts environment. The ARTS Action Research team has served hundreds of arts organizations of all sizes, disciplines and working formats nationally and internationally.

ARTS Action Research works with performing, visual, literary, presenting and service arts organizations in both single and cross discipline configurations. AAR’s Team of Associates address a range of needs from the most basic developmental to complex restructuring and repositioning of veteran arts organizations. ARTS Action Research work is conducted in consortium – involving a number of organizations in a given community or geographic setting – and individually. Regardless of working format, AAR works with individual organizations on individually tailored planning processes and strategies that extend directly from each organization’s artistic process.

Nello McDaniel
photo by Anne Ellen Geiger

“ARTS Action Research believes that the challenges confronting today's arts organizations demand that arts professionals and their community partners respond more forcefully and proactively than ever before. These responses must be complex not reflex, strategic not prescriptive, systemic not situational, studied and deliberate not imitative and tentative, and most of all they must be from the inside out, not engineered from a distance. The future demands that our organizational responses be as creative, bold, entrepreneurial, clear, courageous and adaptable as the art we produce, exhibit and present. ARTS Action Research is committed to an arts community that is artist-centered — led and directed by arts professionals.”

Nello McDaniel, Director


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